Tromsø is a relatively compact town with all its central functions situated on the island. To get from the airport to the conference hotel there are two ways of transport, taxi and airport shuttle, both trips lasting about 10 min. The bus is about NOK 70 pr. person and a taxi about NOK 200.

The conference hotel – Radisson BLU hotel – is located by the sea, and close to anything happening in downtown Tromsø. If you would like to go on a whale safari the hotel has its own enrollment counter, and all excursion buses stop at the hotel.

In Tromsø it is possible to experience all kinds of of weather in June. It can be sunny and 20 degrees celsius, or it can be 8 degrees celsius and rain. The snow has probably not melted on the highest peaks, and the water is not warm enought to have a comfortable swim.

Bring a raincoat or an “all weather jacket”, a warm sweater and a par of hiking shoes if you want to experience the city outside the downtown area. You won`t need mittens, but a warm hat or cap is comfortable if you are planning to stay outside during the midnight sun.