Keynotes and plenary speakers

The conference will provide keynote speakers and speakers for the plenary sessions on the conference topics. The list is not complete and more names may be added. For a more detailes on the speakers see this post.

We are thrilled to announce:

  • Prof. Michael West – Centre for Performasnce LedHR. Lanchaster University, United Kingdom. 
  • Dep. Dir. Arne Holte – Norwegian  Institute of public Health, Norway
  • Prof. Michel Vandenbroeck – Ghent University & Center for Innovation in the Early Years, Belgium
  • Dr. Karin van Doesum – UiT and Dimence, The Netherlands
  • Vibeke Bing  – Tjørn, Sweden 
  • Prof. Willy-Tore Mørch – University of Tromsø, Norway  
  • Prof. Monica Martinussen – University of Tromsø, Norway
  • Dr. Marjatta Kekkonen – National Institute of Health and Welfare, Finland
  • Dir. Mads Roke Clausen – Mödrehjælpen, Denmark
  • Prof. tapio Salonen – Fakulteten för Hälsa och samhälle, Malmö högskola.
  • The Ombudsman for Children in Norway, Anne Lindboe

Registration in Tromsø is from 12:00 – 14:00 Monday 10th. June 2013. 

The conference ends at 14:00 on Wednesday 12th. June 2013.


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